Client Services

* Processing of harvested game
* Rooms with individual beds
* Each room has private bath
* All meals provided
* Game tracking and recovery
* Shooting range on club property
* Club house with DirecTV
* Free wireless internet access
* Laughs and good company


A South Carolina Hunting License is not provided by SCHC and will need to be purchased prior to your scheduled hunt. You may obtain your license and buck tags via the state website or by calling toll-free 1-866-714-3611.  License must be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to your hunt in order to have it with you upon arrival to lodge!
NOTE:  If you are born after June 30, 1979, you must successfully complete a SCDNR-approved hunter education course and present the certificate of completion before a hunting or combination license can be obtained.   SCDNR does accept hunter education certifications issued by other states in the United States and Canadian provinces.

David W. (Deland, FL)

2019 Season
Hey Dave,
I wanted to take a few moments and thank you and your staff for a great 3 days of hunting, fellowship, eating and an all around great time.  First things first, Ms. Pat's cooking was fantastic.  Every meal was great and I'd like to thank her for dealing with my buddies special needs.  The rooms were very clean, sheets and towels were fresh.  From the time we arrived to the minute we left we wanted for nothing, within reason.  We enjoyed the shooting range and the ability to check our guns.  The hunting proved to be a little on the slow side when you're looking for a particular animal, however it wasn't due to a lack of game.  My buddy watched 28 different deer cross his path and as for me add in another 42 turkeys and the trip was complete with a very nice 8 pointer on the ground. Thank you for the skinning lesson and cleaning process, that was the first time I had seen the hind quarter come off the bone as it hung on the hooks, very neat.  Lastly thank you for the information into my health needs and the magic sauce you put together for me.  Your kindness and open house was a welcome change from the daily grind and seemingly uncaring general public of the bigger cities.  SCHC is a great place to bring friends, family or even come alone, Dave and his staff will absolutely take care of you.  Looking forward to hanging out with you again soon.

Joy E. -Sarasota, FL

2020 Season
I am a returner to S.C.H.C. (Southern Country Hunting Club) for many reasons. Besides, David being both hospitable and knowledgeable, he takes pride in providing a successful experience.

His grounds are maintained as an excellent habitat for quality game. Both the turkey and deer species have been provided with food plots and good nutritional feed.

Additionally, his property harbors numerous numbers for either the deer or turkey hunts. Hunters are afforded with safety as they are accompanied to either the treestands or Blinds and contact is maintained with the hunter by text while hunting.

The accommodations at the Lodge are spacious and comfortable. The rustic décor is refreshing and relaxing. The cuisine is second-to-none in presentation and taste, thanks to Pat Coon.

The camaraderie with hosts and hunters is special. All makes for a wonderful hunt experience that makes for good memories.
David’s place is how a Hunter’s experience should be: satisfying and with many opportunities for the harvest. Also David’s Labradors are friendly and assist in the retrieval of any run-away game, should that happen. The whole hunt package exceeds expectations.

Cindi F. (Punta Gorda, FL)

2019 Season
We have been hunting with David for the past four years, and each year just gets better. This past season, we bagged a 101-pound doe and a coyote, but saw a ton of 6-point bucks and many does. Can’t wait until the 2020 season opens — hoping there are going to be great bucks there! I have talked with people who would come hunt just for the chance to get a coyote. My sister made a great shot. One of the things we especially enjoy at SCHC is the time spent with family members. Our teen daughters go with us every year, and this year was special as our elder daughter had been away at college for the fall semester. In addition, this past season, my mom joined my family as well as my sister and brother-in-law, and we laughed around the dinner table every night. We always have a great time enjoying Miss Pat’s cooking and giving David a run for his money. Here’s to many more hunting adventures at Southern Country Hunting, Inc! It is an outstanding event for anyone who knows that responsible management is key. David has worked so hard and truly provides a great hunting experience for the whole family. See you there in 2020!

Dean C. (New Hampshire)

2019 Season
So I have been hunting at Southern Country Hunting club for four years now. I have had a great time every time I have gone there. I have had plenty of opportunities to shoot some really nice deer every year that I have been there. The staff at the lodge is always very friendly and very accommodating to every need I have ever had. They make every year that I have gone as nice and relaxing and as fun as they can make it so I always have a good time. They put in a ton of effort to make the food plots and the stands as nice as they can so their guests will have the best opportunity they can to see plenty of game. They are always looking to improve the lodge every year to make it as nice as they can for their guests. I have noticed that every year I have gone back that they have done something new to try to spruce up the lodge the best they can. So if you are looking for a hunting place to go and have a relaxing time and have some fantastic people to make it the best trip you can have I can't say enough about this place. I will surely be going back for my fifth year this year.

Thanks for all you guys have done for me on my trips there.

Don H. (Cape Coral, FL)

2018 Season
Getting anxious for the 2019 turkey season. I have hunted all over Africa, Canada, Argentina and most of the USA. I have never seen so much game as you have. The hospitality and home cooking is unsurpassed anywhere. Your attention to detail to make the hunt memorable is amazing. Looking forward to hunting with you again in 2019.

Diane N. (Sarasota, FL)

2018 Season
I wanted to write something about Southern Country Hunt Club, in Furman, S.C.,because I absolutely love to go there. It’s just fun! The people are great, the food and the hunting are also excellent. I have hunted with Dave (owner and guide) 5 times now. Two of the trips were for deer, and resulted in 3 deer, including two trophies for my wall. The other three hunts were for Eastern Spring Gobblers and resulted in a total of 3 gobblers. All of the gobblers were good sized birds, but one was especially large, and will join the deer in my living room as part of my turkey grand slam.
I just can’t say enough good things about Dave and Pat (the gourmet cook), but you might get bored. Suffice it to say, Dave will transport you to your stand, carry all your “stuff” up into the stand if you want him to, use his well trained deer dog, if necessary, to find the deer you shoot, he will retrieve your deer, and even clean and bone out your deer if you want him to. He’ll then deliver you to the lodge where Pat ( the cook) continues the pampering with a tasty hot meal. You will think it is Thanksgiving every day! It’s great! Just go and see for yourself!

Jim (Greer, SC)

2018 Season

We deer hunted with Southern Country Hunting Club for our first time in October 2017. My whole family was able to go and it was indeed “family-friendly hunting”. There were first timers like us and old hands who've been hunting with David (Outfitter/Guide) for years, but we were all comfortable almost immediately. The Lodge is spacious and the room was great for us. With a full belly from Miss Pat's excellent cooking, I slept very well – of course getting up that early made it easy to turn in each night.

David explains the guidelines carefully and is perhaps the biggest fan of his hunters. I enjoyed every stand I drew – always saw game and usually had a story when David came back with the van. There was always some funny comment or situation which had us laughing in the van till our sides hurt. I wasn't one of the lucky ones, but some of the other hunters took some very nice deer. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the camaraderie.

If you're looking for a relaxed hunting getaway by yourself or with your family, I'd highly recommend Southern Country Hunting Club in the beautiful South Carolina Low Country.

Cindi F. (Punta Gorda, FL)

2017 Season
Nothing compares to watching a brand new day thaw out before your eyes, a hawk spending several hours with you, or an owl ratting you out to the whole world while you are waiting for the perfect buck or doe to appear. These experiences are what bring our family of four — dad, mom, and two teenage daughters — back to Southern Country Hunting Club each year for the past four years.

Animals of all kinds are plentiful, and the deer offer a fair hunt. I appreciate that this is not a walled-in, pick-your-animal-and-we’ll-tie-it-to-a-tree kind of hunting outfit. It’s real hunting. Every year we go, we enjoy teasing our fellow hunters and messing with David while looking for that perfect animal. :-)

And the food — Miss Pat is who gives Southern cooking its fine reputation! Whether it’s ham and scalloped potatoes, collard greens and cornbread, or her famous chicken pot pie that is steaming hot, creamy and hits the spot (finished off with peach cobbler or maybe even pineapple blueberry crunch cake) or fabulous pulled pork with her renowned Southern baked beans and coleslaw, you will look forward to every single meal.

All of the rooms at the hunting lodge have their own private bathrooms and heaters which makes it nice for individual preferences. The fire pit outside is the perfect gathering point for s’mores or tales of the deer that got away that would make a fisherman’s eyes bulge.

Tip: Be sure to pack some hand warmers and your Thermocel in addition to some extra cash — the experience that David and Miss Pat provide is worth a well-deserved tip!

Joy E. (Sarasota, FL)

2017 Season
My husband, female friend and I had a spectacular and memorable turkey hunt with an astounding 100% success rate on impressive gobblers. We had a good deal of good-natured fun too, sharing our hunt stories at the Lodge. We sincerely appreciated learning call techniques from David that served us well. Additionally, we enjoyed Southern cooking and hospitality in afforded private rooms with bath facilities. We have had two consecutive years of successful turkey hunts and have already booked again for next year.

John and Joy E. (Sarasota, FL)

2016 Season

“You will be highly satisfied to “book”either a deer or turkey hunt with David Baugh of Southern Country Hunting Club in Estill, South Carolina. His lodge accommodations are “homey” and comfortable with all the towels and linens provided and multiple rooms for guest privacy. It’s a nice country setting by a pond, and there’s a shooting range site to check your rifle or shotgun’s sighting.

David is a hospitable and experienced guide who can assist you in every way to assure a successful hunt and processing of your game. He escorts every hunter to and from their stand ensuring everyone’s safety. His stands are productive with the game species hunted as he has maintained the land with ample food plots and active feeders. With a turkey hunt, the Fish and Game mandates that there are no active feeders and thus, this regulation is respected and is the exception. One is provided with every opportunity to harvest “game.”

The cooking fare back at the lodge is a fine Southern style home-cooked meal with all the fixings and with provision for special diets re: health needs or for guest preferences. Ms. Pat fixes the meals with pride and is proud to share her recipe secrets.

We are husband and wife repeat hunters at his Lodge and plan to rebook again next season. We look forward to having another awesome hunt experience to remember.

Greg H. (Cooper City, FL)

2014 Season

I had the opportunity to visit Southern Country Hunting Club in September 2014 with my dad Jim Falkowski.

I was a little apprehensive as this was my first Whitetail Hunt. I really didn't know what to expect but was filled with optimism and excitement for the next few days to come.

We arrived at the lodge and the accommodations were more than adequate. Each group had their own room and private bathroom with plenty of space.

Each day Ms Pat provided some amazing Southern comfort food for breakfast lunch and dinner that I have been missing since I left the camp.

David went above and beyond to make sure that everybody was comfortable every step of the way. His commitment to managing his land really shines through. He works hard to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to accomplish what they came for.

I shot a very nice eight point buck on the first day of the hunt and could not be happier.

I feel that there are nothing but good things to come in the future for Southern Country Hunting Club. I'm looking forward to my next hunt with them soon.

Bob L. (Ocala, FL)

2014 Hunt Season

I want to thank you for the exceptional hunt this past month. Over the past ten years I have hunted many times with SCHC and have harvested many bucks and does. This year was an exception for me having harvested the 159.3 pound, “Nine-point buck” (19 inch spread) on opening morning only to be blessed with a beautiful 113 pound “doe” the following morning in nearly the same area. Both these deer have proven to be of excellent quality. Filling my quota early allowed for me to rest and enjoy the fine hospitality offered by the SCHC hunt club. I have always enjoyed Pat's fine cooking and the detailed instruction you have provided to me in harvesting deer. Your instruction to me was particularly useful in gauging the antler spread on my buck and also the selection of which doe to shoot on the following morning. I have learned much from you tutorage. At 76 years of age, we hunters can always benefit from the instruction of a more seasoned professional like yourself.

Thanks again.

Marcus A. (Miami, FL)

2014 Hunt Season

Already looking forward to 2015 hunt.

With two friends from SCI - South Florida Chapter I hunted for 4 days at SCHC. I truly enjoyed my experience, starting with David, from his friendship and exceeding himself in making sure all of the hunters are having a good time. The accomodation is good, with private bathroom in all suites (each party stayed in their own room, which could accomodate up to 4 hunters). The food is good with a Southern Flavour.

David is an extremely organized person and his dedication to safety is well above average. His tree stands are outstanding with ample space for the hunter and quite comfortable to stay for many hours. The property is well managed with food plots and corn around the stands. The deer population is good, with does and bucks being seen pretty much every time. It is a family environment and I would highly recommend for a family experience. I shot a nice 8-point buck (we went too early in the season) but have no doubts that during the rut a 10-point could be shot.

I will go back again for sure!

Bert A. (Southwest Ranches, FL)

2014 Hunt Season

If you are a genuine enthusiast of the outdoors and admire the illusive instincts of the American White Tail you need to read a summary of my experiences at Estill, South Carolina. If on the other hand, you are looking for a Hilton INN filled with wildlife in the lobby – move on.

I wish to share the experience while it is fresh on my mind, not that I am ever going to forget it. I feel compelled to relay one of the most enjoyable and exciting hunting trips ever. I am 66 years old and I have been to a few during the last 48 years.

What I am about to describe is hard to believe. However, the experience did occur and exceeded all my expectations. The comfortable and clean accommodations, prompt transportation to and from the hunting area twice daily, the very safe and roomy stands, the home cooked and healthy meals and snacks and most important the friendship displayed by both Pat (the very best hunter support in the country) and David was special. That kind of personalized treatment resembles not that of a paying customer but rather that of a long- time friend.

Should you decide to make the correct choice your host’s name would be David Baugh. David is Fred’s son. Together they have many years of hunting in that part of the country and they have been managing not only the land but the herd. While I call it the herd, keep in mind that these are free roaming whitetail deer in a wide open range surrounded by thousands of acres with pines, cutovers and hardwoods. Some large plots of land within the property has been designated as sanctuaries where no tree stand or guests are allowed in order to preserve area of total tranquility.

On my first morning, first day at the property I spotted six white tails. That afternoon five came to view. During the next two days an additional eight were either feeding or chasing does. I saw a total of nineteen white tails, five of them bucks. All of which appeared agile, alert and healthy. The harvest did not prove me wrong.

Patience, concealment and lots of luck play a huge role on a successful harvest. The environment, food plots and natural food sources along with the stand lottery drawing (designates the assigned stand for that session of the day) provides the best scenario possible. All you need is to carefully study the game, accurate aim and the luck described earlier.

I will one more time attest to the personal attention, the emphasis on safety, maximum respect for the animals and the dedication to their guests. I, for one, witnessed the full value of what SCHC has to offer.

Johnny P. (Miami, FL)

2014 Hunt Season

I will begin by assuring you, God willing, my intentions are to return to your place next year.

I am very much looking forward to duplicating my experiences in 2015. There are several great points that separate your services from others I have visited in the past. One of them is the personal attention to detail you offer and provide at the asking, closely followed by a safety first and foremost attitude displayed consistently throughout the day. There is nothing better than being treated with respect with a desire to please.

Your advice at the field was very valuable describing what had been spotted from the different stands, food source locations length of shots, etc. I am especially grateful for your help in identifying a defect in my semi-automatic 308 while in the range, repairing it and cleaning it.

Game was abundant considering we are talking about deer. The turkey are everywhere in the property. The accommodations were better than expected with private bathrooms and clean sheets on arrival. Meals were healthy, well prepared and the food was abundant including the desserts. I occupied six different stands and all were very well concealed, safe and comfortable.

This was my first time at your place. I am very glad I came, it was well worth it.

Charles G

2013 Hunt Season

Thinking of a deer hunt? Consider the Southern Country Hunting Club in Estill - It is run by Mr. Richard Baugh. He is a well experienced and altogether pleasant and professional host, very safety minded who provided us with plain, clean, nice accommodations, and a wonderful southern cook that amply and deliciously fed us, and the other hunters at the lodge. Richard took charge of all phases of our hunt, on a personal level. Both my son and I were totally inexperienced, and Richard was extremely helpful in all phases of our experience. If you are considering a hunting trip, you simply could not improve on this outfit, they are top shelf in all respects.

Lloyd F (Largo, FL)

2013 Hunt Season

I am still basking in the glow of my October hunt with my grandson Austin.
Austin and I arrived Wednesday afternoon to get my scope dialed in before the hunt began. This being my first rifle hunt, I had to get acclimated to my gun and scope. I figured I would shoot a few rounds, make some adjustments, and get ready for that trophy buck that I just knew had to be waiting for me out there. After 20 rounds of testing, I began to worry that I might not bring anything home. While dialing in my rifle, I was barely getting in the black and became more and more frustrated. Finally, one of the hunters helped me get dialed in and life was good. Later that night, we enjoyed a great dinner and drew our stand number before heading off to bed.
The first day of the hunt, my grandson and I made our way to the stand and began the wait. Soon, four doe wandered into view. The shot was tempting but I elected to wait it out for a buck. Late in the afternoon, a lone doe came into sight off in the distance. Again, I elected to wait it out for a buck. Before I knew it, it was the end of the hunt and time for another great dinner with Pat. We all gathered around and drew stand numbers a second time.
The evening hunt on the second day, I made my way to a new stand location. One hour after getting into my stand, I heard some heavy snorting back to my left. I waited and watched. Later in the evening, I heard it again but this time to my right. Then, silence. There was about a 10 minute window before it would be too dark to see anything. I thought I would do one more scan of the area before calling it a night. As my eyes swept across the landscape, I saw a dark silhouette about 100 yards in front of me. I took quick look through the scope, and there he is. It is my trophy buck I was envisioning all along. With my heart pounding and David’s advice about not waiting for a better shot ringing in my ears, I got into position. As I took the shot, the buck leapt into the air and then ran for the tree line. It was dark but I was sure I hit him. There was no blood trail, so we returned to the camp to get Reese the dog. After the dog took a few passes through the dark woods, I was beginning to doubt that I had indeed hit the buck. Then, Reese alerted us to a few drops of blood on a single leaf about 50 yards into the woods. AMAZING! With my confidence renewed, we searched the area and about 40 yards away, the dog found my 10-pointer. He was a beauty.
This moment was exhilarating and what made it even more special was that I was able to share it with my grandson. I will cherish my memories of this hunt forever. This was not only an excellent hunting experience; it was also a great learning opportunity. I will definitely be back next year. Thanks for the memories.

John K

This was my first deer hunt and I shot a buck on my second day. Richard Baugh’s advice was very helpful and I really enjoyed the companionship of the other hunters. Pat’s cooking was terrific.
And it was treat to see the dog find another hunter’s wounded buck in the woods at night. A great experience.

Robert (Tampa, Fl)

2013 Velvet Hunt

I met David Baugh at the Tampa Suncoast Gun Show. It was clear from our first meeting, which lasted nearly an hour, that David is passionate about the hunters who place their trust in him and the quality of the deer on his property. He’s one of those guys who just keeps on going. His perpetual energy shows in the work he has accomplished, the vision he shared with me for future improvement of the lodge, and his desire to expand hunting opportunities for Veteran hunters and hunters with disabilities. There were three hunters at the lodge during our Velvet hunt. We hunted from a number of different stands and saw 12-14 different bucks. So, as David would say, when you’re on stand “stay ready.” A testimonial for SCHC would not be complete without recognizing the hospitality and great food Ms. Pat serves up daily. Be sure to ask her to make one of her cobblers and be ready for one of the best desserts you’ve ever tasted. A hunting program needs good people willing to go the extra mile, quality deer, and a good facility. SCHC has all three. Book a hunt and see it for yourself.

David A. (Tamarac, FL)

2011 Hunt Season

From the great cooking (I think I gained a few pounds even while training to stay warm on mornings below freezing) to the hospitality SCHC was great. I was only able to get a doe but it wasn't for a lack of effort from David. I wasn't able to schedule a hunt until December because of work and after three months of hunting pressure a lack of day light activity was to be expected. If the weather cooperates the food plots should be in good shape by next fall. Also, if anyone is looking for a place with a healthy turkey population contact David and schedule a spring hunt... I saw over a dozen turkeys each day

Gregory G. (Lutz, FL)

2011 Hunt Season

Simply put, Grant and I had a great time.

As you know, this was Grant’s first deer hunt. We hunted together morning and evening for three days and saw deer on five of the six hunts. Further we saw turkey on three of the hunts. Grant is looking forward to a spring gobbler hunt. While the only trophy buck Grant saw did not present itself long enough for Grant to get a shot off, he did learned he had to be at the ready at all times while in the stand. Speaking of which your stands are great for a Dad (or Mom) to hunt with his son (or daughter.) I was especially pleased at how sturdy your sixteen foot stand felt even with my extra weight.Hunting is why we came to SCHC, but its not the only reason we will return. The rooms you provided were clean and spacious offering private bath and toilet with each room. The home cooked meals by Pat were excellent. I truly have never seen Grant eat seconds at every meal. But the topping on the cake was the jovial atmosphere at camp in between hunting where everybody, hunters and hosts, alike, had a great time relaying stories of previous hunting and other life experiences to the delight of all.

Ron W. (Dunnellon, FL)

2011 Hunt Season

I won a hunting trip to SCHC on ( It was a chance I don't get very often so I was excited to get there. I met David and Pat when I arrived. We went hunting the next day, I seen a lot of deer in the three days I hunted and I got a 165 pound 8 pointer. The only problem I had was I couldn't figure out if I liked sitting in my stand or getting back to the camp to eat Pat's cooking, thanks for the memories and the good food.

Jeff K. (Franklin, NC)

2011 Hunt Season

I am once again looking forward to spending time in the woods at South Country Hunt Club. I often tell people about meeting you at the gun show in Atlanta back in 2005 and how that chance meeting led to 5 years of quality hunts with you in SCHC. Having hunted with you for five trips and taking game on 4 of the 5 trips is amazing to say the least. Of course, my most memorable would have to be the 16" spread 8 point. Seeing deer on each of the five sittings on that hunt is outstanding to say the least, but when three of sittings include seeing bucks , I think that is extraordinary. Of course, when I took that great 8 point buck on the first morning of the hunt, well how do you top that? I have hunted with other outfits and can honestly say no one works harder to make sure their hunters are taken care of and have a safe, quality hunt than you do Dave. I greatly appreciate the fact that you and I see eye to eye on quality deer management. My support of your efforts has, as you know, included passing up killing deer that didn't meet your reasonable antler restrictions and even included passing up another great 8 point last year because he just wasn't bigger than the one I took the previous year. Having seen numerous deer on every trip and being able to assess and choose which deer to harvest is testimony to your hard work and philosophy of quality deer management on your property. I can not thank you enough for the consistent quality of stands, game, lodging, food and atmosphere. There are many places I can hunt, but I can truthfully say you are always my first choice. Thanks again Dave and I am counting the days till November.

Daniel R. (Gibsonton, FL)

2005/2006 Hunt Season

Howdy. Just taking a moment to complement you on a fantastic hunt. I have seen more deer, and had more opportunities to harvest a spectacular deer at SCHC than I have in all the other leases I have spent big money on! David you are a first class Southern gentleman and I appreciate you working with me when I fell and broke my collar bone - I am a client for life, I hope to see you soon, God bless and keep you all safe and prosperous!

Ivon C. (Tampa, FL)

2005 Hunt Season

Just wanted to take the time to send you some of the pictures from this past weekends successful hunting trip. Thank you very much for the fine food and hospitality. The accommodations were great! Everyone had a wonderful time and to top off the weekend, our coolers were filled, and the taxidermist are happy! We were able to experience something that many people who hunt their entire lives may never see... THE RUT! Not everyone went home with meat in the cooler, but everyone went home with the experiences and stories that will be told for a long time. Thank You for the memories!

Manny N. (Miami, FL)

2005 Hunt Season

This is to inform any future or potential members that I have been hunting with David Baugh at the SCHC for over four years. As an experienced hunter, I find Mr. Baugh's hunting operation to be one of the best I've seen. The vast hunting area he covers is over 1,500 Acres, beaming with deer, with numerous quality stands. The hunter also enjoys a lodge with private rooms and baths. I have hunted many times with Mr. Baugh and have recommended his hunting facility to my friends, that have also hunted there. If you want to hunt at a hunting club that is a class A-1 operation, this is where you want to go. I met Mr. David Baugh at a Gun Show close to five years ago. Based on my experience, I have found Mr. David Baugh to be a no nonsense individual, with great talent, and one of high and unquestionable integrity. You can always rely on him to provide an enjoyable hunt. If you want a hunt where you experience organization, camaraderie, professionalism, in a family atmosphere, "SCHC" is the place.

Kaleb H. (Winter Haven, FL)

2004 Hunt Season

My first deer hunting experience proved to be every bit as memorable as I would have imagined. My dad, my friend Wayne, and I took off from Atlanta, only to arrive at the lodge around 4 am in the middle of a rainstorm. In the midst of our deliriousness, we managed to unpack in the wrong room. The following morning the rain continued, but David said not to worry, the deer would show - and show they did. Later that evening, my dad harvested the first deer of the weekend and we all were filled with a renewed motivation. The second day was mine, as I harvested my first buck, a six-point beauty. The following day our party harvested two doe's as well, for a grand total of 4 deer in three days. The hunting was second to none and was a clear indication of the hard work and dedication that David and the other members had put forth in the off-season. Perhaps, the highlight of the hunts for me was watching a group of 8 deer (mostly young fawns) play in the grass for about an hour one evening. The great stand placement provided an excellent view while still keeping the hunter hidden and camouflaged. Our group was extremely impressed with every aspect of the lodge, all of the members, the hunting, and the wonderful, home- cooked meals. We are already planning our next adventure with SCHC!

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