SCHC Rules


Guests of SCHC will observe the game laws of South Carolina. Guests violating game laws will be subject to prosecution at their expense.

Recorded Information

A record of all game killed must be recorded in the log book. The jawbones must be extracted and properly tagged by staff before animal is transported from the lodge. NO EXCEPTIONS.

It is mandatory that two photos be taken of any animal harvested: 1) a close-up giving full front head shot and 2) a full body shot for purpose of promoting hunts.


Trailing of animals is to be done by Management dog with management's assistance. 

A South Carolina legal buck (per SC Department of Natural Resources) must have visible horns at least two (2) inches in length above the hairline or it must be tagged as a doe at the sight of harvest. (SEE PENALTIES)

Management Program

Our management program consists of one TROPHY BUCK with one side of rack 1" outside his ear or 8" from center of skull and 4 points on one side and two mature does (65 pounds or greater) per 4 day hunt.     If a buck/doe is shot at, it is to be considered a hit unless absolute certainty of total miss BEFORE SHOOTING ANOTHER. Should blood be found, even though the animal may not be found, the animal will be credited to the shooter.  Only one animal per sitting may be taken.  A $500 fee will be assessed for any guest harvesting a second buck.  A $100 fee will be charged for any guest harvesting a second doe in the same sitting.


$150 per inch under 8" on one side and $150 per point under four points on one side to a maximum of $450.  BUTTON BUCKS carry a $450 penalty $500 penalty for shooting a second buck.  $100 penalty for shooting a doe under 65 pounds.  $100 penalty for shooting a second doe in the same sitting.

Penalties will be waived for bucks harvested in excess of 150 pounds (which is a 3-1/2 year old buck).

Doe Tags

Doe tags are available from SCHC beginning September 15 and are restricted to TWO DOES per 4 day hunt per hunter. Animal must be tagged before transporting to the lodge (no exceptions). It is important to remember that extreme caution should be used for the harvest of a mature doe which will enhance the quality of our herd. A "mature" doe is defined as a doe over 65 pounds (refer to penalties). BUTTON BUCKS must be tagged as a doe and carry a $450 penalty.

Stands And Blinds

There will be a drawing for stands prior to each hunt. Challenging undrawn stands must take place within 15 minutes of the drawing. Challenging must be done with the flip of a coin, or if several hunters are challenging the same stand by a second drawing among those challenging.

Hunters will remain on the stand until the hunt has ended! The stand drawn or selected is the stand occupied. NO STAND HOPPING ALLOWED!

All hunting must be done from SCHC* stands, with the exception of handicap hunters, which will be considered on a case by case basis.


Vehicles are to stay on main road. Shining of spotlights in our hunt area is prohibited.

Shooting Range

Shooting range is available and it is required upon arrival that you check your rifle for accuracy. YOU MUST SHOOT THROUGH TUBE AND WEAR HEARING PROTECTION!!  Management presence required to open range.


Guns must remain unloaded until reaching the assigned hunt area and unloaded before leaving the assigned hunt area. Gun action (MUST) be open at all times unless in use at shooting range.  The life we save may be yours!

Absolutely NO shotguns used for deer harvest.


Dogs are only to be used for trailing WOUNDED animals and only with the assistance of management.


Feeders and corning will be handled by management only. Please do not approach feeders at any time.


Alcohol Consumption

The use of alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted until after the evening hunt. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited while using the skinning rack or shooting range. Under no circumstances will excessive drinking/drunkenness be tolerated. Use of non-prescription drugs will NOT be tolerated. Absolutely no smoking allowed inside lodge or rooms.


Snake preventive measures are required and should be provided by the guest when trailing wounded animals.

Property Restrictions

Destruction of Club property will be at the expense of the person(s) responsible.


Thank you for choosing SCHC*. We are pleased to have you and hope you have a productive and enjoyable experience!


*SCHC represents Southern Country Hunting Club, Inc.

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