Whitetail Deer Hunting in South Carolina

SCHC Whitetail Deer Hunts 

SCHC Whitetail Deer Hunting in South Carolina offers unparalleled opportunities for hunters, thanks to the state's abundant deer populations and the most generous hunting seasons in the southeast. Starting on August 15th, rifle hunters have the unique chance to hunt Trophy Velvet Bucks early in the season. The extensive hunting season kicks off on August 15th. Pre-rut will occur in early October with the peak rut generally falling in the last 2 weeks of October through the first 2 weeks of November. Breeding activity can occur almost any time in the fall and winter.

Our hunts begin just before dawn, placing you in a covered box ladder stand equipped with a shooting rail, strategically overlooking key travel routes and feed plots. The morning hunt lasts until mid-morning, when you'll be picked up and brought back to the lodge for a delicious homemade breakfast. The afternoon is yours to relax until it's time to return to the stand about four hours before sunset, continuing the hunt until 30 minutes past official sunset. Afterward, we'll pick you up and bring you back to the lodge for another fantastic meal while we handle any game you've harvested. All of our stands are equipped with food plots, corn feeders, and established bait piles. Additionally, mineral supplements and protein feeds are provided to maintain healthy, free-ranging whitetail deer populations with impressive antlers.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Dates/Schedule 2024

August 15 – 18 First Quarter 8/12

August 21 – 24 Full Moon 8/19

September 15 - 18 Full Moon 9/19

September 25 – 28 Last Quarter 9/24

October 2 – 5 New Moon 10/2

October 9 – 12 First Quarter 10/10

October 16 – 19 Full Moon 10/17

October 23 – 26 Last Quarter 10/24

October 30 - November 2 New Moon 11/1

November 6 – 9 First Quarter 11/9

November 13 – 16 Full Moon 11/15

November 20 – 23 Last Quarter 11/22

November 27 - 30 (Thanksgiving) New Moon 12/1

December 4 – 7 First Quarter 12/8

December 11 – 14 Full Moon 12/15

December 18 – 21 Last Quarter 12/22

December 28 – 31 New Moon 12/30

License Requirements

A South Carolina Hunting License is not provided by SCHC and will need to be purchased prior to your scheduled hunt. Hunters are required to have a South Carolina Hunting License, Big Game Permit and Deer Tags.

Required Hunting License & Deer Tags

  • Valid SC hunting license (Available Online)

  • Big Game Permit

  • Antlered Deer Tags

  • Doe tags provided by SCHC at no additional cost after Sept 15

  • Anyone born after 1979 must have a valid Hunters Safety Course ID

*Hunting licenses and tags can be obtained through South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at DNR.SC.Gov or by calling 866-714-3611.  All will be mailed to you once purchased. License must be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to your hunt in order to have it with you upon arrival to lodge!

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